Twin Flames

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I watched the story of Chef Julia Child last night on KPBS. There was so much I didn’t know about her. She met her husband Paul Child in the military. Her first cook book didn’t come out until she was 49. Her husband was her twin flame, of that I am sure.

He helped her become the person she was meant to be. He helped her be the very best person she could be. Julia Child had so many talents, but they were hidden from the world, even from herself, for a very long time.

When she attended college she had vague dreams of becoming a famous writer. But it wasn’t until she visited France that she realized her passion was not just in French culture, but in it’s cuisine. Had it not been for her husband, who knows if she would have ever thought to visit France.

Everything happens for a reason. They were meant to be together. Together, they accomplished the most, and used the most of their talents. The world was enriched by both of them, working together.

Twin flames are meant to be together, because as a team, their energy helps the other. They are able to accomplish their missions in life, and fulfill their destinies–together.

Their unions are not just mental and emotional, but rather, their unions serve a spiritual purpose. Paul Child was 10 years older than Julia. He knew many languages. He was an educated liberal, not the conservative banker that Julia’s father wanted her to marry.

If Julia had married the man her father had intended, Julia knew she would have become an alcoholic. That is what she wrote in her diary. The world would have never known of a talent such as Julia Child.

She would have been as miserable as the world would have been more dim, without her true, authentic self, coming out. Julia’s talents had to be shared with the world. It was her destiny to do so.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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  1. This is a wonderful post, I love the theme and what you generally post about. I also must say/ask you about twin flames… What you wrote inspired me because once I met someone who I felt the similar way you here described, I felt like I knew him from before and everything about him.. He inspired my talents to the surface, but we were always passing by each other through the time… I also had a very strong telepathic “connection” with him, although we were never together as a pair… Now, I’m not even sure I have any feelings for him even though he is again “present” in a way (on TV)… I was always wondering what it means and what is the purpose of this very unusual “connection”….

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