Try to Remember…you simple times…

Friday, 8.10.18

Try to Remember by Brothers Four song

When I woke up this morning, I kept thinking about this tune, but the only lyrics I can think off was “…a time in September…”; so, I looked up the song on YouTube, thinking the title was A Time in September. It has a nice and soft melody. I guess it is about remembering better times when you were young and open to your surroundings. As you get older, you might forget about living fearlessly. Older people tend to be cautious and careful. Therefore, for me, this song is about renewing one’s energy and vitality, and living your life to the fullest. The title is actually, “Try to Remember.”

This song is actually a perfect song for the month of August, where you are lounging on a hot summer day with an ice filled cold drink and reminiscing about your childhood or the time when you had the most fun in your life. I am not sure when my favorite time was because nothing really stands out for me. I experienced something different during each decade. The 70s was when I was a kid hanging out with girls my age in a small town in WV. The 80s was when we moved to Southern California, and I enjoyed California life and weather, hanging out mostly with relatives and going to school. The 90s was about trying to find myself, as I checked out many social events and parties. So, the 90s was my partying years. And, I eventually decided to go back to school. The 2000s seems to be my Internet years, where I would spend most of my time on the internet, but my breaks would be taken in real life so that I do not forget the feeling of reality, nature, and human interaction.


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