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Feelings are very important and are meant to help people keep their life in order! That raw emotion is the first indicator of risk or security. Those who learn to examine and trust those feelings quickly learn if it is wise to act upon those feelings. The skill to know how to transition from emotion to behavior is not one that can be easily taught. There are clear examples to draw on when people simply allow their emotions to dictate their actions without some thought.

That filter between what we think and what we say is very important. Many of us lose the filter when we are passionate about a subject. (I am sure you can find several examples of me behaving that way here.) That doesn’t make it right and still it makes it real.

When my first book was published my family was not pleased. I didn’t give any of their secrets away and still they recognized some “truths” that living with them had taught me.  I am not sure they have recovered and it has been years.  I think I paid more attention to my emotions than my behaviors.


What do you think?


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  1. At least you did get the satisfaction of having a book published. I find that it helps me greatly that my poetry can be a way to let go of many emotions. Now that my second book of poems has been published I have been bitten by the I am out there bug and I am already thinking of doing a third book.

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