Tricks To Close The Cycle After You Finish Your Ex

Closing cycles is what we all must do but few do. Whether it’s the passing away of a loved one, graduating from school, saying goodbye to someone who moves too far or ending up with your boyfriend. It is not simple or fast but to start we will give you 10 simple tricks so you can close the cycle and continue with your life.

Cut communication with him

I know it’s the most obvious thing, but do you know anything? It’s the last thing we do! We lie to ourselves telling ourselves, “You’re going to think I’m on fire.” Really? What does it matter what I think? you are no longer with him. Do everything you need to stop spying on him and torture your poor heart even more. I know it’s hard but you have to, it’s the healthiest thing.

Do not even bother with a binge

When we end up with a guy, he never misses the friend (with the best of intentions) who says “You have to go out and take it”. Spending your drinks will not make you forget it, they will only make you remember why you are sad and if you have your cel on hand you will make the typical mistake of marking your ex.

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Talk to your best friend

It is never good to keep things, my grandmother always said “If you keep things, you will get sick” and the grannies are wise. Talking is the best job you can get. Because by talking about it you can understand better, listen to phrases of encouragement, listen to uncomfortable truths, receive hugs and cry.

Cry all you want

I do not know if it has happened to them that when they want to cry, they have a knot from the throat to the stomach. That symptom is your nerves affecting your organs and you can get sick if you do not cry. Besides crying does not mean that you are weak, but it is a form of relief quite valid.

Have your time alone

The phrase “One nail pulls another nail” is a total lie. Try to stay single until you clarify your thoughts, otherwise you will enter another relationship without being prepared. Obviously you can keep coming out and meeting people, either in a situation of friendship or flirting.

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If he left you or you left him … do not look for him

If your boyfriend left you, respect your decision and do not go looking for him. In case you left it and regretted it! Stop a moment! Repeat over and over again the reason why you left and accept that you are better off without it.

New look

I know it sounds cliché that after breaking with someone you should make a makeover, but it is a pretty effective trick. Cutting your hair, changing your wardrobe or even fixing you more, will bring you endless compliments, every girl needs to feel better in these cases.


Although few believe it, writing is an extremely good way to let off steam. You can write some bad times that you lived next to him, why it did not work, that they were not destined, why you are better without him and until your new goals. Writing will not only help you clarify your ideas, but it is like talking to a friend who does not judge you.

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Hide the things that remind you of him

A friend, she decided to throw away all those letters, stuffed animals and even clothes that her ex boyfriend had given her (among her a beautiful blouse). However, what I recommend to you is simply to save or hide them. Maybe someday you’ll be able to read those letters with longing or you want to continue wearing the clothes or accessories that you gave.

Listen to love songs

Maybe at the beginning you will remember your ex and you will cry (which is good to vent), but there are love songs so beautiful that will remind you that there are more fish in the water, maybe he is not the love of your life and love can be in your destiny.


What do you think?

Written by mayamarin