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Tracking Progress Makes For A Successful Life

Its often said by many “I do not make resolutions because I forget, I make goals.” Then when asked about that goal the same person will say, “I forgot.”

There is a way to keep up with your resolutions, or goals, and its simple with these steps.

Number one on the list is to make a list. When you write it down it feels like you are already heading in the right direction, you have given the goal life.

Number two is being accountable for that goal and I report each month, on a blog, my progress. Sometimes I don`t get anything done, other times I accomplish the goal before the next year.

Number Three is be kind to yourself, if you did not make this goal and its already 3/4 of the year, don`t worry about it. I have accomplished the goal in December when I last expected. One year I made the goal to stop cussing, did I make it? No, but I am not more mindful of what I say before I say it.

Number Four is when your write it down, you check in each month and you are kind to yourself, you are more likely to make progress whether you complete the goals. A couple years ago one goal was to complete a book I had started, I did not make it but I am closer now to publishing that book than I was to begin with, the problem was I was in a hurry and some goals take longer than one year but you keep working toward the goal no matter how long because you gave life to this goal (dream) in the first place.

Success comes in many stages and with hard work and staying with the plan, you will make it happen. Be sure to tell everyone whether you made it or not, remember failure teaches us to try another way so not to repeat the same mistake over and over.

Check out my monthly progress at “A minimal hoarding life”

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry And Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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