Touched in the closed doors, do not we pass the open ones?

Touched in the closed doors, do not we pass the open ones?

Today, a small and insignificant event, made me think again about the opportunities emerging in our lives. Nobody now believes in the talk of equal opportunities. He does not believe that in the near future, at least part of them will be true. Just that sometimes, after another locked door we knock, our disappointment comes in more.

All our life is confronted with doors that are closed. From childhood, through school, then to work and society. Everywhere we face closed doors.

If you want to go in, you must first knock. That’s how they’ve taught us and we do it. Sometimes the door opens and misses us, but it is more often closed and locked forever.

It is not a problem. We continue to the next door. We are still hammering and waiting to be able to open. There is a new disappointment. Again, it is not a problem. There are millions of doors, millions of opportunities, but how many of them are available?

I have not been angry for a long time, but there is something I will never settle for. Doors, which are closed and locked, often miss out on selected people.

The problem is not in the doors but in the door-keepers, because behind each door there is a person who holds the key. Most often they have small men who no one would notice unless it is the door they are guarding. They decide who to release and who does not, and that makes them feel significant. While there are willing to pass, there will be them. I think it will always be. I’m going forward from door to door. I knock and find it locked and never open. At least for me.

Today, however, I thought about something else. Touched in the closed doors, do not we pass the open ones? Those who are waiting for us to take us to our world.

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