Top 7 Ideas To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Special

It is always difficult for couples to maintain harmony in long distance relationships. When your opposite sex lives hundreds and thousands of kilo meters away from you, it becomes extremely difficult to manage such relationship because of the absence of your love, lack of frequent communication,sexual relationships, time difference, etc. Sometimes, couples become frustrated and exit their fragile relationship all of a sudden, which gives the shock to the partner. So, how one can save his/her long distance relationship? Let’s study and find out.

  • Use Modern Technologies For Face-To-Face Communication

Just a couple of decades ago,individuals have limited opportunities to maintain & manage a distant relationship. It is because they were not able to maintain communication daily because of the distance. Fortunately, there are lots of modern communication tools (such as Whats App Video Calling,Facebook Messenger video calling, Skype, etc,) which facilitates face-to-face video calls between people living several miles away from each other. Arrange everyday video call to your life partner to see each other, exchange thoughts and stay in touch with each other.In this way, you will be able to extend your relationship for a longtime.

  • Avoid Prolonged Calls on Mobile Phones

Don’t show a proprietary attitude towards your partner just because you are living away from your partner, spouse or husband. Always keep in the mind that you both do not need to sit around in front of the webcam 24 hours a day or talk about anything on the phone to show how you are dear to each other. Many couples believe that prolonged communication on mobile phones can compensate for the impossibility of a live contact. But,it can harm your relationship as it is rather tiring for both sides.

  •  Honesty and Trust

Always keep in mind that being hundreds of kilometers apart increases the suspicion of people. Build trust and do not give reasons for reproaches as trust and honesty are the two main pillars on which relations are kept at a distance and indeed any relations. Without loyalty, long distance relationship is supported only by hypocritical people without moral principles. Avoid temptations and try not to communicate with new acquaintances in the face of the opposite sex to avoid needless doubts. For example- a husband can tell his wife in advance about who he is communicating with and on what issues.

  • Give Surprise Gifts

Surprise gifts will help you to maintain relations at a distance. For example- If you live in Australia and your female partner stays in the UK, just buy a bouquet of Cheap Flowers Online Melbourne and get it delivered to her address with a love letter. Gifts are especially appreciated when you are separated by distance and your partner desperately needs your company. Gifts give smiles at the face of your partner and let her feel special. Pleasant surprises from a loved one will give you the confidence that he does not forget about you and is waiting for the meeting as much as you. This will help your feelings not to fade away and make it easier for her to wait for the meeting.

  • Meet Regularly

Different people have different working schedules. Fortunately, there are holidays, vacations, time off and weekends. If you see the calendar, then for sure there will be periods when lovers can visit each other. Come to your loved one whenever you get free times. Do everything in your power to see your opposite sex as often as possible. Spontaneous trips will spur your relationship time and again as they will be accompanied by hot embraces, vivid emotions, and an amazing opportunity to finally see your beloved ones. Make each such meeting unforgettable as far as possible.

  • Don’t Ignore Sex

Without having any doubt, the existence of mutual sexual attraction between partners is a very important factor for maintaining relations. Sexual desire is something that often does not allow many couples to disintegrate even if they have a strained relationship because of differences on some issues. Many couples have sexual intercourse regularly. But, couples separated by distance are deprived of sex as physical contact and intimacy are possible only during meetings. So, in order to preserve the relationship, it is necessary to warm them up each other with spicy phrases, provocative descriptions of actions or passionate sexual allusions. Exchange playful messages, send your hot photos to partner as this kind of “dirty entertainment” will help you survive separation, including avoiding temptations and betrayals. Have sufficient sex whenever you meet each other.

  • Frankness To Each Other

Openness and honesty are the guarantees of long-term relationships between couples. Always keep in mind that trusting a partner, telling about their problems, fears,jealousies or shortcomings is not at all intolerable. It is the way to share your feelings with your partner. Please note that to admit one’s own sins and mistakes is to recognize one’s own strength. Don’t do anything that will feel you ashamed if exposed. Always offer support and help to your partner to overcome the difficult situation.

Final Words

Long distance relationships are always considered difficult to manage. If you have a long distance relationship, just follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain peace and harmony with your opposite sex and lead a happy life.


What do you think?

Written by Stella Wilson


  1. it is about togetherness. however modern technology has made it possible.As i understand modern technology would preserve it either. making “secret garden” by spouses would make them to remain together, what lack in relation is not love,it is trust. promote trust.

  2. No matter what substitutes there are for actual “touching” situations like this very seldom last. Apparently, only a few actually do make it, it didn’t work out for me…