Top 4 Tips to follow while sending New Baby Flowers!

I’m most excited when a new baby boy/girl are about to enter this planet. May it be my close friend’s baby or a far away relative’s baby I would be most excited. I guess more excited than their parents. I like to welcome the little munchkins with different ideas like flowers, little cosy clothes, gold jewellery, baby care kits etc. But fresh blooms are my personal favorite. Flowers are best option because they carry positive vibes and thus influence the environment. Also many times hospitals doesn’t allow all the kind of gifts in the hospital so flowers are recommended as they would brighten up the hospital rooms. Parents of the babies also love receiving the flowers. But while giving flowers to welcome the little one, we need to take into consideration some points.

So here we are with few tips that have to be followed for sending Flowers to New Baby.

  • Match the Months

There are different flowers associated to different months so you can give them accordingly. Below are the flowers and the months they are associated to January to Carnations, February to Iris, March to Daffodils, April to Daisy, May to Lily, June to Rose, July to Larkspur, August to Gladiola, September to Aster, October to Marigold, November to Chrysanthemum and December to Poinsettia. But while giving these flowers makes sure you know beforehand father or mother of the baby are not allergic to flowers. Also you should avoid giving flowers of strong fragrance to a new born baby as they can be offensive towards him.

  • Choose according to the gender or room theme

You cannot send flowers to a new born without knowing the gender of the baby. There are so many species of flowers, so you can go for colour scheme of blue for the baby boy and pink for baby girl. For baby girl there are pink flowers like roses, lisianthus, bouvardia and stargazer lilies. Blue flowers like freesia, thistles, flox and hyacinth for the baby boy. You can also go for colours other than pink and blue. Some parents even decorate the hospital rooms or their bedroom when child is brought home. This would make your job easier as you can go with the colours used by them. You can send flowers to Brazi for celebrating your friend’s happiness.

  • Check for Seasonal Availability

It is not necessary to pick a specific flower for a specific month; you can go for seasonal flowers available in that particular month. It would be better if you choose such a flower that is more blooming and fresh at that particular point of time. The flower would look best in its season so sometimes you can ditch that match the month’s process. Also during its season they are available at less expensive rates. If you would for a flower that is not much available in that particular season it would cost so much and wouldn’t be at its best.

  • Combo it with additional accessories or gifts

If your close friends and family member is blesses with a baby boy/girl only giving flowers is not advisable. Along with the flowers you can give gold jewellery, baby care kit, toys, clothes etc. You can be creative and make a drawing or hand painting of mother, father and new born and send with congratulations flowers. You can also send flowers with congratulations printed balloons.

Flowers are wonderful gifts but you can also make baby’s parents a special meal or provide them a helping hand so that they can take some rest. Just make sure you never forget to welcome a new born baby with amazing gifts.


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