Too Late (Pamela) – 3

Pamela had noticed the door shutting two days ago.   She had passed on her way to the garbage bins, saw the door was open,  planned to stop in on her way back.

The door was closed when she returned.

It wasn’t that she was psychic and could ‘feel’ the coldness,  anyone could, unless they were totally oblivious, which Pamela was not.

She had been welcoming and helpful to Irma in the first weeks.  She’d spoken to Malcolm.  Things seemed fine.

But, as usual, the gals in apartment 5 would fill Irma’s head with evil stories about her.  As the gals in apartment 5 were ugly they would be believed.

In Pamela’s life she had learned that the uglier a person, the more they are believed, no matter what it is,  their word would be taken as truth.

Pamela was sure if the Uglies said she got on a broomstick, flew over the kitchen and dropped a stone on the roof,  it would be believed.


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Written by jaylar

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