Too Late – Norman – 7- (end)

Norman sat alone in church, waiting for the others to arrive. When they did, there would be their usual New Year’s Service.

He wondered what Ex Wife One was doing.    He didn’t think of Ex Wife Two or Three.  He didn’t think of his children.

He shook his head roughly to fling out the ‘then’ thoughts.

He was here, now.   This was his life now.   He should think of Now.   He should think of being here, he should fill his mind with spiritual thoughts.

He should make himself feel happy to be here.   He should not be thinking of what happened over forty years ago.

It was too late to play the ‘if’ game.  Too late to remember who he was, when he was, who he was.  Too late to consider why he lost it all.


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Written by jaylar

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