Too Late – (Kian) – 7 [end]

Lisa stood watching Kian drive away.   She was just beginning to process what had happened.

She had loved Kian, he was so beautiful, so much fun.   She hated when he went away, but had usually been supportive.

When he showed up yesterday, perhaps she should have dropped everything and rushed to him, but was so used to Kian not being there.  Further, she wanted to show him that she could live without him.

Perhaps she should have not gone to work today, but stayed home with him.   But she did have a life she didn’t want to disrupt.   She wasn’t an appendage, she had a life.

When Debbie called her, maybe she should have said, ‘Not Now!’  and given Kian her first attention.  But…

She went back into the house, to her bedroom.   There was Kian’s wedding ring on the dresser.  All of her ‘perhaps’ were now too late

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