Too Late – [Kian] -4

Kian  spent the evening being Daddy, thinking to save his good news for later.  But he was so tired from his long drive that he fell asleep.

He didn’t think he’d sleep straight and hard for nine hours.

When he awoke the sun was pouring in and he was alone. Kian didn’t want to be alone, he wanted to wake with Lisa.  But she was already up and gone.

He went to find her,  and came into the kitchen just as the kids were finishing breakfast.

“Get your things, I’m leaving now!” Lisa ordered them, then turned to Kian.

“I left you some breakfast.  I’ll be back tonight…”

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I have a job!” she called with a laugh, gave him a cheek peck and went out.

He began to wonder why he came home.


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Written by jaylar

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