Too Late – (Kian) – 3

Kian had struggles in life, but had reached success.  Finally, after all the work, the sacrifices, he had come home to tell his wife that he’d gotten the role.

A major role.

Not a cameo, not an extra, not a one off, but a starring role.

After all these years of appearing  off off Broadway, in B pictures, in walk ons and one liners on popular serials, he had the real chance.

He had wanted to rush in and shout; “I made it!” but he didn’t.   He didn’t because as he entered, Lisa was deep in a castigation of Billy and didn’t see him.  He stood there until little Debbie said; “Daddy’s Home!”

“Don’t inter…” Lisa began, then turned and saw him.

She turned back to Billy;  “I’ll deal with you later, now greet your father,”  then she walked to Kian, and gave him hug.

It annoyed Kian that she didn’t rush into his arms, didn’t even notice when he entered.

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