Too Late (Jim) – 3

Years ago, before

Jim married Ivy he had a chance to get away.  He had even put in the basic planks.

It is hard to recall all the bits and pieces of why he didn’t escape.  Why he wound up marrying Ivy, living the life she wanted to live, where she wanted to live it.

Sometimes Jim really thought he agreed with Ivy’s views. He would make posts on Facebook which supported them.   He’d be attacked by his friends and family, and some would unfriend him.

A few sent him messages, which would say, in various  ways, “I used to respect you but now, no.”

Many of those close friends, like the woman who wrote that PM, Ivy virtually ‘banned’ him from speaking with.

If Ivy found out he was in discussion with this one or that, she would launch a forever rant.

It was more peaceful to obey Ivy, to accept her views, then attempt to disagree.


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Written by jaylar

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