Too Late – [Abby] – 9

Abby had sat in a meeting of abused women as if she were simply escorting Joan. It wasn’t until she heard the Counselor’s words, began to review her own past that she realised her grievous errors.She had physically left Mac, but had not disentangled her mind.Meeting a fine man like Billy,  yet, so sure he would turn into the abusive Mac she had left him.Abby had left a perfectly good man, a man who had loved her, a man she had loved, in the twisted baseless fear he would become an abuser.Billy had never hit her, threatened, lost his temper, done anything a normal person could consider abuse.But to Abby, any hint of jealousy meant that a beating was eminent.So, interpreting Billy’s warning of Spencer’s interest in her as jealousy, Abby broke up with Billy.

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Written by jaylar

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