Tolerate Things That Slap You Down

What I want to achieve with this article is something I have been dealing with in my many consultations with people over the years. People who have lived through dire human situations, I have found, are mostly too reluctant to speak out about the details concerning their circumstances.

As humans, It is our common destiny, for the believer and agnostic alike, to sooner or later, transcend the temporal and enter the realm of pure energy, namely death. In a way, sharing that which will eventually become inevitable, will make the journey a more familiar one somehow.


A wise man once said when asked what we as human beings can control in life, if at all, and as you well know, life happens, pretty much as nature pleases but there is one thing that repeatedly stuns us and leaves us breathless and that is, how uniquely different people react to extreme and calamitous situations.


So, yes indeed, there is one thing we all can control, we can control our attitude towards aversion, dismay, horror and pain, something, like “turning the other cheek.’ or saying, Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.

Or perhaps we can just be like legendary actor and philanthropist Kirk Douglas at 100 years old;


What do you think?

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  1. There is so much to read on Virily, I suppose, but that’s not the reason no one left a commenthere, the real reason was because they were saving the best spot for you and frankly, I can see by your great answered why they did. THANK YOU-SOO MUCH

  2. wow I can’t believe no one left you a comment on here
    well I for one happen to agree with you on this one.
    we all have the will to make our own destiny in life
    & to make things right in our lives IF we work at it.

    SO as I always say there’s things in our lives we
    HAVE control over if we learn how to use the right tools
    God gave us, like our minds our heart & our strength.

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