“What We Tolerate Can Destroy Us!” (Nip It In The Bud)

“When we tolerate disruptive behavior in our lives, we give up our empowerment to make a change.” FCSH

Tolerate: To treat with indulgence, liberality, permit or forbearance. Free   To allow someone to do something that you do not like or approve of; to accept something unpleasant without becoming  impatient, angry. Macmillan 

Tolerance after a certain point in any situation will become intolerable. An unpleasant action in a relationship or a physical malady will progress eventually to the point of destruction; if we do not correct the situation when it happens. There is a point in life when we tolerate wrongdoings we enable the wrongdoer, but also ourselves from moving forward; growing spiritually in wisdom – and strength.


Three Analogies:


We have pain in the physical body; a symptom that something is not quite right in our body. But, we continue in our everyday activities thinking you can tolerate the pain. Time passes by – and the pain begins to grow until we cannot tolerate it anymore; we go to the doctor. The doctor asks you, “Did you have symptoms, did you have any pain?” Your response to the doctor is, “I felt pain, but I could tolerate it.” The doctor tells you; “If you had come sooner we would not have to do major surgery, your disease has become incurable.” 


In our families, we might have one child that continues to be disruptive – and disobedient; but we allow that child to continue in their disobedience. The parent tolerates the child’s actions thinking he or she will change. The actions of one child have disrupted the peace in the family. Because, you have allowed – and tolerated one child to be out of control; your family becomes dysfunctional. 


A neighbor moves into your quiet community – and you notice some strange behavior. As time goes by, you begin to hear strange sounds coming from the home. Every night they are blasting their music with loud parties every night; disturbing your peace – and quietness. You say – and do nothing, because you don’t want to start trouble. You continue to tolerate the disrespect of your peace – and quietness saying to yourself; “I’m going to mind my own business; it will change.” Oh, it has changed; but not in your favor! Before you know it this disruptive neighbor – and their guest has taken over the community. Your quiet community has turned into a living hell; because you tolerated the first disruption. Now, you have to move; because the situation has gotten out of hand.

We can use many analogies when we tolerate uncomfortable situations in our lives. Many times we confuse tolerance with patienceWe have patience when we can see – and feel a healing trying to take place. But, when we tolerate a wrong, disruptive situation in our lives it will only get worse.

When we see or hear any situation in our life, act quickly to dissolve any disruptive behavior! Don’t allow fear or complacency to keep you stagnated in tolerance. In life when you know the right thing to do, “Nip It in the Bud!” Sometimes in life what we tolerate will destroy us. We can free ourselves from what binds us!

           “Tolerance will become an enabler to the intolerable.”  FCSH


“In The Name of True Love & Freedom!”

 Francine C. Still Hicks

The Me I Never Was



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