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Today 58th anniversary of Princess Lady Diana

London : The 58th anniversary of Princess Lady Diana is celebrated today. The smile of the princess is still in the hearts of her fans. Diana’s global popularity was because of her beautiful personality and soft heartiness.

Lady Diana Princess of Wales, known as the Lady Diana On July 1, 1961, born in Norfolk in the UK. Princess Diana had always been interested in welfare activities especially educational activities.

On July 29, 1981, Lady Diana got married with Prince Charles and there marriage was named fairy tales Marriage and millions of people around the world saw their wedding ceremony. She have two sons Prince William and Harry.

Here her two sons child hood picture , Prince William and harry .

The world’s most popular royal couple was divorced after Sixteen years in August 1996. Diana’s biggest popularity for her popularity was her beautiful personality and even after divorce, his popularity did not reduce.

Diana also acknowledged a failed married life in an interview with BBC and that is why Lady Diana engaged herself in social activities in personal life and ever raised a matter of mines, and sometimes for the end AIDS.

Princess Diana was died on August 31, 1997, in a car crash in Paris. However, her attractive personality and welfare services will always be remembered.

Lady Diana, who touches the height of popularity, was a sympathetic hearted woman. Remember Lady Diana still have huge fans around the world.

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