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To say, “Thanks”

I believe that saying, “Thank you!” does wonders. Not only for the person that you have thanked but making you realise how much good there is around.

Generative thinking is a type of mentality that builds. You can be positive thinking until you are blue in the face but the Ostrich with their head in the sand is never going to escaped predators.

So being realistic, you can lift your mood by saying, “Ok, sometimes certain things aren’t the best! However, we can look for something good and build on that.”

For instance in a group I used to go to. Christian writers group I liked. We shared our writing and we had just 3 rules.

Recommend. First find something wrong with it, tell them how to improve like. Put the full stop after such a word. Second, find something that you really like. I liked the description of such and such! Third, Recommend again instructing on how that writer can improve.

Everyone went away feeling encouraged. I believe in encouragement. Words can give life or death. The choice is yours on what you wish to deliver.

Finally, You can find gold in what you see, by noticing little things. Like noticing a small daisy here. Some see it and others don’t.

Stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

So, here is a “Thank you” for those who have befriended me here. I really appreciate you. You are special.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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