Tips On How To Stay Safe In Hotels

While staying anywhere outside one’s own home, one should pay attention to their surroundings to ensure safety and privacy. Many people are often worried about their security and privacy while staying at a hotel. Therefore, it is important to take proper measures. The first step is to ensure the quality of the windows and doors of the hotel. To know more about what types of windows and doors are offered to hotels, click here.

Further, there are other tips that can make your stay secure. Below, we have made a list of all these tips to help you out. 

Keep the doors locked 

Once you have gotten a room at the hotel of your choice, make sure you keep the door locked at all times. In addition to that, make sure your doors are properly functional and have all the safety requirements. 

Check the lock to make sure it is working; also, try to open the door after locking to test it. Do not only focus on the main door of your room but also check all the doors once. It is essential that you assess the quality of the locks and doors of the room you are staying in. 

Use the safe provided

Most hotel rooms come with a safe where you can store your valuables. Many people do not use this safe and keep everything in their bags. However, you should transfer your valuables to the safe to protect them from being stolen.

Moreover, in case of any unfortunate event, your valuables will remain safe. Yes, it is completely secure to store your belongings in a safe; you can even change the locks on these safe.

Open your windows 

Keep your windows open to maintain proper circulation of air in your room. Moreover, ensure that your windows have a proper lock and have curtains to go along with them. During the night or at times when you need privacy, remember to draw in the curtains.

You can even ask your hotel for the kind of windows they have, in case you have a specific preference. Remember to close and open the windows according to your requirement. 

Ensure proper sanitization

It is essential for the rooms you are staying in to be clean. So, make sure the sheets are clean and the room is sanitized properly. If you are not satisfied with the present condition of the room, you can ask the hotel staff to remake the room for you.

Cleanliness is an important factor, so most hotel staff keep their rooms clean. Also, remember to keep an eye on how clean your doors and windows are. Demand cleaning services if the doors are rustic or if the windows have accumulated dust. 

Check the room for cameras

You should make it a regular practice to check for cameras whenever you are staying in a hotel room. There are several tests you can do; below are some of them:

  • Scan the wifi network provided by the hotel for any connected camera devices. All you need to do is download an app called Fing, and it will allow you to view all the connected devices to a wi-fi network. 
  • The second thing you can do is use your phone’s camera to search for night vision cameras. 


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