Tips On Becoming A Great Kisser

Kissing is an important part of a relationship. The perfect kiss can leave an impression on a person long after the kiss is finished. A bad kiss can also leave an impression, the type nobody wants to leave.

Kissing is also the first way in which most couples will form a romantic connection. These first kisses will signal if their sexual chemistry is a true one. Finally, kissing is bond a couple can share daily, no matter how stressed out their lives are at any moment. Yet, there are tips that one can use to become a better and even a great kisser.

Learn what the normal kissing mistake are 

When you talk to your friends about the worse kisses they have experienced, you may hear the same complaints. They can include:

  • Aggressiveness. The man or woman tries too hard and comes off too aggressive. This can include being too aggressive with their tongue while kissing.
  • The other person didn’t open their mouths appropriately.
  • The kissing was only done at the lips or with both lips. Yes, there are other places on the body that both men and women enjoy being kissed. This includes the soft kiss on the lower lip, the ears, the neck, and the earlobe. However, not all people like these areas. You will learn what your partner likes as you spend intimate time with him/her.

Understand the importance of memorable kisses 

Yes, there are times with a kiss is just a simple kiss. This can include when you are saying hi to somebody or racing off to work. However, there are also times when you need to put the effort into your kisses to make your kisses memorable kisses, the kind perfect kisses you see in the movies. This can include those kisses you share with your partner after you just made up after a huge fight, a kiss you are sharing on the dance floor and you both are enjoying the moment, a kiss you are sharing with someone for the first time, or the kiss you are sharing after you propose to partner. How do you make a kiss a memorable one?

  • Put your whole body into the kiss
  • Put your whole emotions into the kiss. Try to let your lips say what your mind is feeling
  • Allow the kiss to start out slowly
  • You may want to begin the kiss at the neck or behind the ear and save the lips for last.

Never forget to take the time to kiss the person you love  

Yes, as time goes on in a relationship, you may not have as many steamy kisses as you first did. This is why many women stated in surveys that kissing their husbands is one activity they miss. This is also why men and women need to strive to add kissing as part of their sexual to do list. Yet, these should be real kisses, not the peck on the cheek kisses that are given as one or the other leaves the house.

Remember kissing is one way to say “I love you,” without speaking. It is also a way to kindle the fireworks between a couple, whether it is a newly in love couple or a couple who has been in love for over twenty years.

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Written by Linda M McCloud

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