Tips You Have To Do After You Get a Tattoo

Are you planning to get inked? That`s a great idea! But if it is your first tattoo, you have to know what to do after you will get it. Taking care of your fresh tattoo will prevent it from getting infected and fading. Besides, proper tattoo aftercare will help you make the healing process easier and prevent your skin from scarring.

According to a recent study, more than one in 20 people who getting “inked” suffer tattoo-related difficulties. Thus, you should know how to take care of tattoo after getting it to keep your tattooed skin looking good and healthy. Just follow these tips below to have a really awesome tattoo!

Ask your artist! When your tattoo is finished, your artist will apply a tattoo jelly over the tattooed skin and cover it to protect your tattoo from airborne microbes and other agents that may cause infection. Don`t hesitate to ask your artist about how to take care of your new tattoo and how long the covering should be left on before it is removed? The tattooist is interested in healing your tattoo correctly, that’s why follow the artist`s advice carefully.

Take off your covering properly! Don`t remove the bandage when you want! Just your artist knows how long you should keep your tattoo wrapped up because the amount of time can vary depending on the size and placement of the tattoo, the level of tattoo seepage and, of course, the type of covering used. Listen to the artist to avoid further problems with your new tattoo.

Wash the tattoo only with lukewarm water! If you comply all the tattooist`s recommendations and remove your bandage in a proper way, it’s time to get rid of all the blood, plasma and leaked ink with lukewarm water. You should by no means use hot water as it can open up the skin pores and draw out the coloring product of the tattoo. As a result, you can get the patch and blotchy tattoo. By the way, it can also lead to an infection. So if you don’t know how to clean your tattoo not to damage the tattooed area, firstly, stop worrying! And then you should wash your fresh tattoo gently with lukewarm water as stated above, and antibacterial, unscented soap. Don’t use any sponges, just use your hands to clean the tattooed skin.

Have good tattoo aftercare products! Every time when you wash and dry the tattoo, you should apply a little aftercare product to moisturize and nourish the tattooed area. You must use only fragrance-free, antibacterial and water based lotions for tattoos.

Abstain from soaking in the bath and swimming pool! Forget about the bathtub and swimming for 2-3 weeks after getting inked. Soaking in the bathtub or swimming pool can cause serious damage to your tattooed area because too much water can leach the ink out of your skin and spoil the tattoo appearance.

Wear loose clothing! Shortly after getting the tattoo, it will start to peel. At this time, try not to scratch or pick the tattooed area to allow it to peel on its own. Tight-fitting clothes may also rub or irritate the new tattoo, so avoid wearing such clothing to promote the healing process.

Keep away your tattoo from direct sunlight! The ultraviolet rays of the sun are real enemies for your tattoo as they can fade its color! And don’t even think about applying any sun lotion to the tattooed skin until it has completely healed.

Use these tips after you get a tattoo to maintain the highest quality work possible!

Happy and quick healing! Good luck!


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