Timing, Satire, Downvote, Purpose: Choosing Your Voice in Darkness

The headline is random and maybe confusing but I had an epiphany and often that’s how wisdom shows itself: in random fragments.

Watching the news this morning, I saw so much negativity and cruelty under a veil of political correctness. The same people who scream kindness can be the cruelest. If you mock the right side you will be rewarded and it is satire, if you mock the wrong side you are mean, a bully.

I have always found humor in satire. It might not be as funny as I believe it is but there is a specific audience. I tend to celebrate the awkward, make sport of the state of offended America while watching so much offensiveness deemed as satire.

It’s the obvious, constant contradiction in society that makes me laugh or aggravates me depending on the day. Trashr, a previous post was a satire on corporate speak and corporate ethics, it bombed and all I received was a down vote. Here comes the epiphany.

There are many voices out on social media. One person’s satire is another person’s vitriol; all we as bloggers have are the ability to decide what voice we will add to the conversation. I will use satire and debut the Trashr brand but now is perhaps not the time or place.

Deliberately I intend to add a voice of light, of decency and kindness to the pool of voices. The satire will find its own vehicle and place but now I feel we need more light than darkness.

Before you think I’m succumbing to the political correct slant, I will be honest and as kind as I can be. I will share a voice that is uplifting not for the purpose of showing myself as a good person but for a vehicle of making others see a light in a dark world.

The truth is, there is great light and goodness. I believe people are more kind than evil. I just think evil and cruelty sells better than nice and decent but I see people of all age, sex and creed craving for kindness.

I see a need, a craving for something more than this grand social experiment that is failing around us. You can fill in the blank, what is missing, but for me its God, it’s something bigger, better and with more purpose than humanity, which seems miserably intent on recreating itself. I feel we need to go back to the original blueprint for the human species….again, you fill in the blank as to what that is.


What do you think?


Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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