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Three C's of Life – What's Lacking?

Three C’s of Life – What’s Lacking?

I have come across in one of the walls of my Facebook friend. It’s about the 3 C’s of life.

One is choices. Then it’s chances and the last one is changes.

These things are greatly molding or shaping our life for better or for worse depending on how we do it.

In my own interpretation everyday we’re facing different situations in life, be it good or bad. Then we come up with decision and we have to make choices which one is good.

Since we’re not perfect we have to go over it, evaluate our decision made, our choice which seems to be ineffective.  In short we still have the chances to rectify it and make some amendments. We grab that opportunity to do it.

Then the final moment is to apply those changes we have made to their proper perspective and everything would be fine. It would be sailing smoothly.  Then we say, “It is done.”

But I sense there is one important thing that is lacking. Another C which our life is really needed. And that is CHRIST. He is the central figure of our way of life. Without him our life is nothing.

Christ is guiding on the choices we made, on chances we have and on changes we apply to our way of living.

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Written by Gil Camporazo


  1. For me, the most important C is consciousness; life awareness, awareness of love (Divine), duality awareness, the awareness that life is a choice, there’s an opportunity and an awareness that every time there is always changed.