Many person’s cringe at the idea of new year’s resolution and fail to even acknowledge it around the new year but hold up.

No one is perfect and there is always room for change in at least one aspect of every person’s life and there is nothing wrong with wanting change…for the better.

It is our duty as individuals to want to better ourselves and to seek out the best version of ourselves aspiring to a higher level in every area of our lives.

So the first thing i will implore us all to do for the new year is to spend some personal time in retrospection of the old year and try to redefine our mindsets for the new year. Yes folks, it starts there, in the mind, the most powerful resource that we possess that can easily change our lives once its operating at the highest level.

So even if you don’t wanna sit and make a long exhausting list of resolutions that you’ll probably stop paying attention to in February, let’s thing about even just three things in our lives that drives us into toxicity or that exhaust negative energy in our lives or that spans on mediocrity, and make a mental note to try to prevent that thing for ruling your 2019, just do it, you can, nothing beats a made up mind, no matter how terrible that habit or bad trait is, once you decide within your self that it must go, then it will.

So on that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, I pray we will all experience health and wealth in all areas of our lives this year, let’s embrace ourselves in love, peace and success this year.


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Written by valenciaiglesia

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