Things to Keep in Mind When Relocating to Australia

There are countless reasons someone might move to Australia. Many choose to pursue new professional opportunities, while others simply want to improve their quality of life with a new environment. Whatever the reasons, you need to get to know some important things about Australia before making this change.

Climates may vary

The stereotype of Australian weather is pretty well-known. It’s supposed to be hot and dry, hence all the deserts. However, Australia is a very large place and it’s not limited to a single climate. In fact, there are about six different climates throughout Australia.

If you want to visit states like NSW in the winter, don’t expect summer temperatures. It can get pretty cold in this part of Australia. Bring your winter coat with you, just in case.

Underestimating distances is common

Visitors often underestimate how big Australia really is. It’s roughly the size of the entirety of Europe. Getting from one side of the country to the other takes a long while. The distance between any two large cities is staggering.

Often, those who move to Australia will settle for moving to a smaller city to avoid high rent and prices. However, this can prove to be more of a challenge than they expect. The commute alone could last hours, even without accounting for traffic. Don’t underestimate how large the country is or you might end up making a critical error.

The immigration laws are strict

Australia is pretty strict when it comes to their immigration laws. Even with a valid visa, there are still limitations placed on the person entering the country. Skilled workers that migrate to Australia with 457 visas can spend up to four years living and working in the country, but there are some things to watch out for.

The visa is strictly job-specific. If you happen to lose the job, you also lose your right to live in the country. Even switching jobs within the same company can be grounds for termination of the visa. Luckily, workers are given a grace period to try and find another sponsor company if they lose or change their original job.

Owning property is complicated

Many laws dictate the ownership of the property for residents of Australia. For non-residents, the process is even more complicated. The laws that surround real-estate are constantly changing and non-residents need to get familiar with them if they want to move to Australia.

It takes a while to get the necessary paperwork and inspect the home you intend to purchase. To get the best chances of actually purchasing a home in Australia, you might want to consider getting legal experts. Non-residents often consult firms like Curtis Associates to help inform them of all the necessary steps to purchase the property. It’s a lot easier to achieve once you have the information and legal help you need.

Driving carefully is crucial

Most people moving to Australia will be familiar with the fact that cars here drive on the left side of the road. This is a very important piece of information for anyone that does not have a lot of experience with driving on the left.

It’s not something you can quickly get accustomed to. You need to have a little bit of practice before just getting on the road right away. It’s hard to break out of those habits that are hardwired from driving on the right side of the road.


Moving to a country like Australia is a bit more complex than moving to most other countries. There are some very important factors to consider before you even apply for your visa. As long as you keep these pointers in mind, you’re going to find it a lot easier to move to your desired city with your family.


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