TheTruth Is Stranger Than fiction

The supernatural incidents in my life depict to people, that this phenomenon, which I discuss in my life, is real.  Many will be comforted by my stories as they, through my videos, will know, we are not ever alone.

Others who may be on the brink of despair can draw strength from my stories as well and can know that nothing in life can withstand a positive attitude. If there is an interest in this subject, I can write more of my close association with the supernatural, spanning 66 years. Please share your own experience and let’s build a bond of power-sharing together.


What do you think?


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    • Leslie, this is exactly what I wanted to achieve with this article. I have been dealing with many people over the years who have lived through situations like yours but I have found that most are too reluctant to speak out about it. It is our common destiny as humans for the believer and agnostic alike, to sooner or later, transcend the temporal and enter the realm of pure energy. In a way, sharing that which will eventually become inevitable, will make the journey a more familiar one somehow.

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