There Was No Love – part 30

When our kids were younger we had various ‘routines’.   Routines make children feel secure.

I remember that we would eat Chinese food every Wednesday, Italian every Friday, Saturday was sea food and on Sunday vegan.  I cooked Monday, Patrick took Tuesday, we exchanged on Thursday.

The reason for so many outside meals was because Patrick and I didn’t have the same tastes.

That was the first discordance in our marriage.  It was so serious, it nearly led to divorce.  Then,we realised how idiotic it was to argue over food when there were  dozens of restaurants in walking distance.

All we had to do was agree to which one to go to and when.

We could cook our own meals on intervening days, but wasn’t it obvious that instead of working all day then having to cook, to simply leave work and pop into one of our agreed restaurants?

This pattern continued into our lives as parents.

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