The workout

I took yesterday off to catch up on sleep upon my last day of working overnight shift. Best believe I wasn’t going to take another day off and get any further behind on my workouts. I felt great! Prior to conducting this workout I cycled 7.44 miles outside which was well needed.

I was surprised with the yoga tree position during this workout which made me realize that I need to start removing my socks because my feet kept slipping down my running tights, hehe. I’ll be prepared for that during the upcoming workouts best believe that.


  • The bird
  • Tree position
  • Forward slopes
  • The slopes
  • The cobra
  • Raising the leg
  • The pump
  • The bridge
  • The column


  • 75 Jumping jacks
  • 30 push ups
  • The checkmark – 20 repeats
  • 20 Reverse crunches

I really enjoyed the forward slopes, and the slopes because both allowed me to stretch my sore legs which may be even more sore tomorrow due to the addition of cycling ; )

While cycling, I had Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre ‘187’ stuck in my head. I also just happened to look at my Garmin watch at the 1.87 mile mark.

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