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The winds of Change……

They say the certain thing about life is death and taxes.

I would add, change and in these day of technology and invention, accelerated change.

Some major changes in my life this year, the first was being given notice to move and it was stressful waiting for Housing NZ to come up with a place suitable. They wanted us all in a certain apartment we did not wish to go, so saw an MP who helped us.

The second was getting a place in Bucklands beach and having to move in under a week.

The last was the arrival of world wide pandemic Corona Virus. This is tough for the whole world. However, I have at least completed my painting of waves in the thumbnail. It is done on some old wood used as a buffer until a glass replacement came for a broken window. It is done in oil paints.

New Zealand is doing well in the circumstances, but sadly 4 people now have died from the virus and about 375 recovered from it. Pays to stay isolated and nip it in the bud by not spreading it..

A few pictures here as an assortment.


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Being careful now, is the reason why there aren’t more deaths than in New Zealand.
      We will get through this, hard this may be…Lockdown 3 won’t be much different than Lockdown 4 but we will have to be very careful.
      Thanks Elenka.

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