The Ultimate Guide to Show Off Your Baby Bump with Style

Pregnancy is a joyful time for women, but sometimes it can be troublesome, especially when the journey reaches the third trimester. You can no longer hide your bump and are clueless about showing it off to everyone with style. In the past, the options for maternity clothes limited, but now there is a whole maternity section in major retail stores that houses items you can get to make your pregnancy comfortable and stylish. Whether you wish to carry a casual or chic look, everything is readily available for you to pull off that elegant look. Knowing your body type can be of great help while choosing maternity clothes. By the third trimester, most women can see their weight distribution and can select the clothing options accordingly.

Here is a guideline for women who want to carry off their baby bump with style.

  • Cardigans

Oversized cardigans should be a must-have in your wardrobe. A great thing about splurging on a cardigan is that you won’t be discarding it after your pregnancy. It can help you with an equally chic look without your baby bump. Pair an oversized cardigan in a pullover style with knee-length boots, and you pull off an incredibly stylish look without compromising on style and comfort.

  • Maternity Dress

It is not like you cannot find a great variety in the maternity section. You can find a wide array of short and long maternity dresses that can help you rock that baby bump. You can go for printed or short skirts in any fabric of your choice. Satin and velvet bump girl short maternity dresses can give you an effortlessly chic look. It depends on your style whether you want a sleeveless or off the shoulder dress. Pair the look with your favorite pair of sandals and heels, and you are ready to rock with that cute bump of yours flaunted in a short maternity dress.

  • Oversized Tops/Shirts

Perhaps a stylish top has caught your attention, but you feel your bump will compromise the style value of the shirt. Instead, you can buy the same shirt in a large size. You are carrying another human, after all! However, before buying, do check the style of the sleeves. They should complement the overall look rather than appearing bulky and dangling. Pair your favorite top with maternity leggings of a contrasting color.

  • Blazer/Jacket

Perhaps it is one of those days during your pregnancy where you do not feel like making a lot of effort on your appearance, but you cannot miss an important event. A chic blazer or a jacket can come to your rescue. Throw a blazer or a coat over your form-fitting dress to show off your baby bump with style. Top it with some stylish earrings and complement the look with a pair of boots. An effortlessly chic look for the event without rummaging in the wardrobe for a perfect dress.

  • Form Fitting Dress

Talking of form-fitting dress, keep it as a must-have in your wardrobe during pregnancy. It may have been a no-no a decade ago, but now the fashion police may take you to task for not sporting one rather than for wearing it. It is a go-to choice for many celebrity moms too. Not only it shows off your bump beautifully, but it also can be styled with several other clothing articles. You can pair a form-fitting dress with a knit sweater, a long coat, a jacket, or a blazer. If you have such a dress in a formal fabric, you can wear it alone with accessories to pull off that stylish look.

  • Maxis

Maxis or long dresses are your best friends during pregnancy. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. Cinching your regular, long flowing dress below the bust with a stylish belt can give it an elegant chic look without compromising on your comfort. A significant advantage of long skirts and maxis is that they look best when paired with a pair of flat sandals. So, if you wish to appear stylish with your baby bump and do not feel up to wearing those long heels, a maxi with sandals can be your go-to choice.

  • Skirts

You can wear a dress over your bump and show off in a stylish and cute outfit. You can either wear a long, mid-length, or a short neutral-colored skirt or pair it with a plain shirt of contrasting color or a printed shirt. You can select the skirt style according to your body form and how you are carrying the baby weight.

  • Tunics

Get yourself tunics in a few shades and prints that you can wear with either your maternity pants or a skirt. The tunic can be cinched with a belt above the bump if the situation demands. If you have a long tunic, you can style it with a belt and dispense with the pants. It can be your fun summer look without having to shop for a proper maternity dress.

You do not always need to revamp your wardrobe to appear stylish during your pregnancy. Above, we have explained a few staple clothing articles that you should have in your closet to look stylish throughout your pregnancy. You should know how to mix and match your accessories to pull off that chic look.

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