The Types of Solitaire Diamond Rings in Singapore

Nothing can substitute the beauty and elegance of a solitaire diamond ring! And if it’s your wedding or engagement, it is the best choice you can make. It adds that special spark to your wedding and engagement ceremony. Couples today customize their wedding rings based on the wedding theme and decor.

Choosing a solitaire diamond ring is challenging! The online jewelry stores provide you with several diamond ring types and setting. These stores also enable you to customize the ring. If you want, you can choose white gold or conventional gold diamond rings.

The types of diamond solitaire wedding rings

There are multiple solitaire engagement ring types! It all depends on the diamond shape. It is essential to browse through the various shapes and then make a choice. Discussed below are some of the best diamond solitaire ring shapes you can choose from:

  • The round solitaire ring 

Till date, it is the best-selling solitaire wedding ring! It has a brilliant-cut diamond in a circular shape. It is known for its dazzling shine and brilliance. Couples who are following a traditional wedding theme often opt-in for this ring type, as it will never go out of fashion. Alternatively, it can match with a most bridal trousseau.

  • The princess cut solitaire ring 

It is the second most famous solitaire ring type you can opt-in for! It is famous for its sophisticated look and the contemporary cut. Often people are not able to make up their mind, whether they should choose the princess or the cushion-cut diamonds. You can have a look at both the designs and choose the one that best suits your preference and budget.

  • The emerald cut solitaire ring 

This rectangular-cut diamond comes with parallel facets that give it a shimmering and elegant look. However, that doesn’t denote you need to design a traditional wedding or engagement ceremony. In fact, you can have a contemporary wedding theme and opt-in for this ring type. The emerald cut ring allows couples to match exciting wedding themes and other decors with this ring.

  • The oval solitaire cut ring 

This diamond solitaire ring is very close to the conventional round cut ring! It has an elongated oval shape. If you are opting in for a vintage and romantic wedding ring, this is the best choice you can make. You can select a large stone which will make the fingers and hand appear longer. You can customize the design and choose the metal on which you want this diamond cut. Some of the popular choices include the rose gold and white gold.

  • The marquise solitaire cut ring 

It almost looks like the oval shape diamond solitaire ring, but is slightly different! It comes with a unique appeal and can match with both the contemporary and traditional wedding themes.

These are some of the best solitaire diamond ring types that you can opt-in for! Make sure you know the preference of your partner, before you choose for both of you. Also, you can get speaking with the online diamond retailers for any guidance you require.


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