The top 4 causes of divorce that you should watch out for

Nobody in their right mind gets married with divorce in mind unless they have an ulterior motive. People generally look for the person they can’t imagine the rest of their lives without when they want to get married. However, if you are not careful, what you treasured the most could turn into your worst nightmare. The partner you fell in love with may change and soon you may have nothing more to discuss. Before you know it, you are visiting sites like Divorce Vhd Law trying to find the perfect divorce attorney. If you are still wondering why your marriage ended, here are some reasons to help you figure it out:

  • Money matters

When it comes to resources, trust tends to dwindle. This is especially true if you never had a genuine discussion about your finances before you got married. One big mistake that couples make is being so caught up in love that they forget to talk about financial issues. Once they get married and reality settles in, they realize that their partner has bad financial habits. Once you are bound together as a couple, you have conjoined responsibilities. Before getting married, you should discuss how you will pull your resources together. Make sure you marry someone ready to support you; who isn’t selfish or careless with money.

  • Infidelity

New things always look more attractive than what we already possess. According to MSN, infidelity was cited as the third most common reason for divorce in a survey they did. For most people, it usually starts with an emotional affair before graduating to the physical. Others just do it for the temporal physical satisfaction. When asked, other people, claim that the intimacy in their marriage dwindled and so they found it elsewhere. Some spouses are able to forgive their partners and move forward. However, some see it as the greatest betrayal, ending in divorce.

  • Losing touch

Once the honeymoon phase is over, the hustles of life are usually still waiting for you. Because of this, people indulge in work and other social responsibilities. They settle in their marriage and assume that all is well. They stop making an effort. All these reasons may cause you to lose touch with your partner. Chances are that they are also going through their own journey that has led them to mentally and emotionally evolve. When you remember to check back in again, you may find that your partner is not the same person you married. Some people decide to work on it, while others just call it quits.

  • Physical abuse

Unfortunately, you may always see the red flags but may ignore them and assume that after your nuptials, things will change and get better. This isn’t always the case. Domestic abuse always leaves the other party mentally unstable. Such relationships are hard to walk away from as the recipient is always made to feel like they are powerless. However, it is advisable that in such a relationship, you should part ways and seek legal and mental counsel.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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