The Punishment of a Long Life – 23

This morning, the phone had rung, Rebbecca had answered it.   It was Miriam, mentioning  Rebecca’s anniversary.

Rebecca was confused, for she had married Maxie on… and realised that was today’s date.

Miriam had remembered the date of her parent’s marriage.

Strangely for Rebecca, she actually spoke with Miriam.

She asked Miriam if she was working.   Miriam told her.   It was clear that Miriam was a success, a professional, with her own world.

She had a daughter who was a significant professional…before Rebecca got too deep into Miriam she cut the call.

Now Rebecca sits, alone.

The tears are tracking her face.

She thinks of her late husband, Maxie.  Of their wedding.   She remembered when Miriam was born.   She could see Miriam as a baby.  Now, Miriam was an old woman, as she was.

Rebecca looked at the television, wasn’t sure what she was watching.  She shut it off, closed her eyes, drifted into sleep.


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Written by jaylar

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