The Punishment of a Long Life – 17

Harriet, like her mother, kept her true self bottled inside.   She didn’t argue, didn’t express opinions, went day to day as she had always done.

Her parents knew nothing about her.

They paid for her college education, supported her.   Harriet took what they gave  without acknowledgement.

Then, just before completing her college degree she informed her parents she would be moving out. She ignored anything they said, answered no questions, sat in her silent way.

As she advised, she moved out after her last exam.

Rebecca had no idea where Harriet had moved,  what she did.  Harriet kept her life secret.

She phoned on  occasion to check if there was mail.   Rebecca obtained her phone number.  It was not that Harriet gave it to her.

If Rebecca questioned,  Harriet answered, “Why do you ask that?”   “What difference does it make?”   Or something equally dismissive.

If Harriet was in contact with Miriam, Rebecca didn’t know of it.


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Written by jaylar

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