The Punishment of a Long Life – 15

Life was average, even the rebellious Miriam proved average in the 60s/70s.

When  Rebecca reflected, she found nothing to like about her eldest daughter.   Not how she looked or dressed, or spoke, or what she did.

Rebecca always wished she would just go away.

Harriet was, as Maxie called it, a “Non”;  a non dancer, a non swimmer, a non intellectual,   an absolutely average girl who was quiet, and never gave any trouble.

Harriet ate what was prepared without a word, obeyed every order immediately.   She never  had an opinion, and only had one friend at a time.

Even as a little girl,  Harriet’s friends were just like her, as if selected from an ‘approved’  pool.

Rebecca always saw herself in Harriet.


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Written by jaylar

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