The Punishment of a Long Life – 13

Rebecca would call Harriet once a week, the calls were short, at Harriet’s decree.  Little information was shared by Harriet, nor did she ask any questions.

If Rebecca began to talk about new experiences or situations, Harriet cut her off.

“Mom, if you want to call once a week to prove you are alive, fine, but I’m not interested in where you had dinner or the colour of the walls.”

Rebecca warmed herself with the fact that they were not the only oldsters whose child or children was not interested in them, Harriet’s disconnection existed most of her life.  Although it hurt to have a child who couldn’t care less about her, she could manage.

Living in this new community was good for Rebecca and Maxie. They had nothing to reflect on.   They went out often, visited many places,  played cards or mah jongg with other members of the community,  went to Bingo games.

Filling their lives with ‘now’,  forgetting ‘then’  save when it was one of those discussions about the Depression or the War.

No one in her group spoke of their children.  If they did, they would soon be alone.


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