The Project – 14

It took a little time for Tricia to recognise the ‘Game’.

Ollie would write an email.   Maybe it was thought provoking, maybe it was mentioning  a social issue, it was the kind of post that would inspire her to respond.

Her response, no matter  how provocative would gain a distracted amenity.

Then no matter what she wrote, how many times she wrote, Ollie would NOT answer for precisely One Month.

Although she had more in her life than Ollie, so did not instantly catch the ‘rules’,  when she did it became almost  a joke.

Each month, around the 20th, Ollie would  make a ‘thought provoking post’ as if he really wished to discuss a topic   In most of his ‘missives’ there were misspellings, mistakes, pseudo-intellectual references.

No matter what Tricia wrote, whether a treatise or a sentence,  Ollie would respond with a  vague sentence.

If she wrote again,  she was wasting her time,  As if in prison or mandated by punishment of death,  Ollie  could not write back until the 20th of the following  month.

Further, he would refer to nothing mentioned in the previous communications.

With no  one in his life, (wife two having left him  before his first email )  meant there was no one who would communicate with him but his first ex.  Yet, he limits the communication.

Tricia recalled way back when he was young how to ‘fix’ her he would ‘punish’ himself.


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Written by jaylar

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