The Played – 8

If Katherine Townsend had been born middle class, if she didn’t have to scratch for every dollar,  she wouldn’t have had to marry Jerry.

But her salary was only so much, and she was helping her mother open her own Beauty Parlour.    Further, with Dami occupied by his studies and his wife, there was no sense in her sitting in a corner, waiting.

Kat had, during her High School years, used and been used by men to get the things she wanted.  Whether it was a ticket  to a concert, a new pair of shoes,  a free lunch.   So had Dami, for he was just  as poor, but wanted to be  a doctor.

As he was ‘adorable’ in every sense of the word, he got wealthy girls and women to ‘look after him.’

Simone was very rich and ugly, and would, for the price of marriage, send him to medical school.  This was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

The plan was that Kat would marry someone who had property, get her name on the title of the house, be able to get her half on divorce, so as to bring value into her relationship with Damian.

And that is where and why Jeremiah came into the story.


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Written by jaylar

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