The Played – 7

Katherine Townsend Roberts had lived the last years of her marriage waiting. Waiting for Damian to graduate, complete his internship, and escape his mistress, Simone.

To enable her to survive the horrible situation of being a mother to baby she didn’t love for a man she found repulsive, Kat began to use alcohol as a lubricant.

She would arrive home from work, take a large goblet of wine into the bathroom, lounge in a tub, and when she emerged she was just this side of drunk.

After a month of this ‘self-medication’  Kat realised she was turning into an alcoholic.   And Dami, Doctor Damian Holness could not be married to an alcoholic.

Catching herself, she decided to get out of her marriage.   The plan was to take Seven Years, but she could not survive another day.

She went to her mother, they consulted an attorney, and received a blueprint for the grounds needed.

She put the divorce project into play, moved in with her mother,  avoided Jerry and Alice, got her divorce, had the matrimonial home sold, got her half, and packed it into the bank to gain interest.

Finally, Damian completed his residency.  He was offered positions at a number  of hospitals. He lied to all about where  he was going, save Kat.


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Written by jaylar

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