The Played – 34

Lucy Ann arrived in Minneapolis and, booked a flight to  Los Angeles. She ate, relaxed, and waited.   The flight was only about four hours, and she caught maybe two hours sleep.

Arriving in Los Angeles, totally exhausted, she went to a motel, to bed, and slept until she woke.  She bathed, changed, did a touch of sight see,  then booked a flight  to Hawaii which was leaving early the following day.

She had a good dinner, a nice walk, then back to her Motel, and to bed.

In the morning she took a cab to the airport, boarded her flight to  Hawaii.

As she flew she reasoned that there should be no way to trace her.   Even if they were following the car she sold as Lucy Talbot they’d hit a dead end.

She was flying to Hawaii as Ann Dobbins.


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Written by jaylar

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