The Played – 29

Simone, sorry she had divorced Damian,  felt so sad when she looked at her cousin’s relationship.

Claudia  was celebrating her tenth wedding anniversary and her Errol was as much at her feet today as he had been the day she married him.

Simone didn’t understand that all Errol wanted was a free pass, and would put up with his ugly wife because it was easy.

Errol was happy to wake up in a clean bed, have a full breakfast, go to the gym, eat lunch, go to a sporting event, come home, have a full dinner, and be able to go out and hear music or watch a movie, with nothing at all to worry about.

If there was a problem with the car, he called Claudia and it was fixed.   If the T.V. wasn’t working, Claudia bought a new one   Errol had a closet full of clothes and so many shoes he had trouble deciding which pair to wear.

He never wanted anything except to be taken care of.

Unlike Damian who had ambition.


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