The Played – 26

Simone’s private detective kept hitting brick walls.  Every lead was a dead end.  To every friend or colleague Damian had either reported that he was going to New York Presbyterian or to Chicago at Northwestern.

The P.I.  checked the airports.  He searched buses and trains, but every lead was failure.

It was as if Damian Holness never existed.

It never occurred to the P.I.  that Damian was smarter than he was.   That outside of the hospital, he did not use his real name.

Damian had a driver’s licence as Keith Thompson, had lived in a rented flat before he moved in with Simone, as George Robinson.

He did nothing outside of the hospital as Damian Holness.   This was a kind of Jamaican norm.

What added to Damian’s actions, beyond simple secrecy, was that  he  knew when he escaped ugly Simone she would pursue him.


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Written by jaylar

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