The Played – 24

Now, for the first in their lives, Kat and Dami could be together.

Everything was so new, simply being able to sit and talk in public, look at each other, enter a room together, not having to play anyone, was extraordinary.

For the first, they could be honest, not agreeing with their ‘owners’  not going where their ‘owners’  wanted to take them, but being free and real.

To Dami and Kat, simply being able to walk into a restaurant and sit together, talk to each other, was entering Wonderland.

They weren’t making their pay for play smiles, or doing what their ‘owners’  required, they were living.

The world could see that Damian Holness was with Katherine.   That he was married to Katherine, and it was real and true.


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Written by jaylar

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