The Played – 22

Jeremiah was woken by his daughter, Alice, howling.

He raced to find her and she was sitting on the floor in the kitchen, covered with liquid soap.   It could have been bleach.   He took her up, washed her off, talking soft and calmly.

Although Alice was nearly six she seemed on the level of a two year old.  He wished there was someone he could leave her with, but there was no one.

All the names that he could think of belonged to Kat’s people.

He had no family.

The words  Errol had flung last night were drowning him;  “”didn’t even have six people who would come,”   to his wedding and,  “treated his own mother like dirt!”

He didn’t invite his father or brother to his wedding. He had lost touch with other aunts  and cousins and uncles, so couldn’t have invited them.   Did he really treat his mother “like dirt!”    ?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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