The Played – 19

Jeremiah had searched for Katherine.  He went to where she used to work, and before being chased off the premises, was told she had returned to Jamaica.

He tried to recall which Parish she said she came from.   He wished he could talk to Lucy-Ann.

Jeremiah found a babysitter.  That night, he went to the clubs he frequented when he and Kat were married.  He was looking for people who used to be his friends.

He saw them and they treated him like a cockroach.

People whom he truly believed were his friends,  treated him as a repulsive joke.

He tried to talk to them, but they ridiculed him, and although he’d like to fight, he knew he couldn’t take them.

One of them was drunker than the others.   One of them,  Gavin, whom he thought was his friend, his real friend,  was regaling the crew with reviews of the Wedding of   Jeremiah and Kat;

” He didn’t even have six people who would come,”   Gavin blasted, loud and laughing,  “Not six people! In the World!”   and,  then, hitting straight hard and sober, pointed at  Jerry;     “He treated his own mother like dirt!” and began regaling them at how Jerry had behaved.

Jeremiah wanted to say something, but couldn’t.  It was true.


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Written by jaylar

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