The Played – 13

A girl learns she’s ugly around the age of ten.   Some do what they can to ‘beautify’ but others realise it isn’t a nose job or fixing a chin, so accept their ugliness and a carte blanche to punish others.

Many become miserable creatures, spewing anger and hate.  Begrudging every attractive woman the right to breathe.   When an ugly  girl is rich she knows she has to buy her friends and her husband.

The trick in buying a husband is to get a bum from a Third World Country who has nothing.   Buy him, import him.  He must stay with his owner and please her, or be shipped back.

If he causes problems; arguing, flirting, stealing, he is thrown out.   Replacements are a plane ride away.

To marry a peer, who has family, occupation, friends, is not wise.   He will do what he pleases, and walk out at the first argument.    Some are smart enough to demand pre-nups or their name on property before walking down the aisle.

There are ugly women who don’t fully grasp a man marries her for her money, or pretend that isn’t the only reason he is there.  Many get pregnant so as to ‘chain’ a man.

Some men are willing to trade their integrity for the life style,  so it’s a win on both sides.


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Written by jaylar

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