The Lucky One – [Vincent] – 5

During his second year at University, Vincent  got into astronomy and really was fascinated.   He’d always been interested in space, watched all the space shows, knew about the planets, galaxies, but this time it was different.

This time he emerged himself in astronomy so that he thought of nothing else.

Maybe it was  some reaction to his empty social life,  but it worked.

Vincent did well on exams, changed his major to astronomy, astrophysics,  and really had a gift for it.  When summer came, he didn’t go home to his parents, he went with a select team to a particular site where there was a huge telescope.

This is what he wanted.   To be here, with the stars.

His third year was even better.   He knew his goals and went after them, surrounded by people who had the same interests.


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Written by jaylar

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