The Lucky One – (Vincent) – 3

Connie and John went to the Prom together.   That was the real end to any Vin and Con possibility.

Vin didn’t have a date to the Prom. Joe set him up with his cousin.   They didn’t get alone from ‘hello’ .

After seeing Connie and John together, Vin slipped out.  He told someone that the punch made him sick and Vincent left the Prom and walked home.  The long long walk home.

It took him oven an hour, which was good, as  he had walked out of the Prom at just past nine.

He was so miserable, feeling so alone.   He had sat then, in this room, as he did now, thinking about Connie. He could see her, swirling around, looking so beautiful, in the arms of John.

That is why he had changed from the college Connie would attend to one far enough away so as to not see John, Connie, Joe or anyone he knew.


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Written by jaylar

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