The Lucky One – (Alana) – 8

To leave her country, her job, and her family to relocate a few thousand miles away, required planning.

Alana loved her life, her friends, her job.   She didn’t want to leave, but what Matt was offering seemed ‘better’, for she would be with him.

His Facebook page was covered with her image, as if he wanted the whole world to know they were in love. Sometimes, looking at his page, she felt her life was ‘public’ as if she were some celebrity.

She didn’t link his page to her’s because it would be somewhat embarrassing for all her friends to see what  a spectacle he made of her.

Alana knew she  was beautiful and desirable, but was not ‘selling’ herself.  That Matt seemed overwhelmed by her, did boost her ego a bit, but still.   Still she felt he was overdoing.


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Written by jaylar

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